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Pokemon ORAS Location Data has been added to this site!

As a reminder, all Pokemon location data came from Serebii.net.

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Hey there, thanks for checking out my Pokemon webapp! If you have any features you'd like to request, feel free to post comments on this blog post.

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This webapp was built to provide a single page that lets trainers check off caught pokémon and provide information on where they can find remaining pokémon.

In my mind, Veekun, Serebii, and PokemonDB are the leaders in pokedex information. The goal of this app isn't to compete with any of the big guys, but instead to extend what they are already providing. The location information provided was captured from serebii, but does not provide the in-depth details that serebii or veekun is providing.

From a technology standpoint, this webapp is very experimental. Part of the motivation behind this project was to teach myself Backbone.js. The other part was to see if I can make a fun project and contribute back to the Pokemon community.

Important note: this webapp saves the Pokemon you have checked/unchecked to your browser's local storage.

This is a mashup made by Tyler Stark and Michael Yao. If you are interested, checkout this project on github :)


  • Serebii.net for location information and sprite images
  • Veekun.com for being a fantastic resource for all things pokémon
  • This clever tool, which helped me list pokemon by multiple Pokedexes.
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